Digital services to ensure that your pension is optimized, allowing you to fully enjoy your retirement




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My Role

Branding, UX, UI

The challenge

Help users understand and optimize their pension and enjoy their retirement

For many young people, the idea of retirement may seem like a distant, almost fictional event that doesn't require immediate attention, especially in their 20s or 30s. However, this is precisely the right time to start focusing on it. Have you checked your pension record? Do you have someone managing it for you, and do you trust them to ensure you're on the most suitable pension plan? It's crucial to pay full attention now to secure a future where you can enjoy a comfortable retirement, whether it involves cruising around the world or ensuring basic living expenses.

At Mukdam, our main mission is to provide users with a simple and easy way to understand, track, and optimize their retirement plans with minimal effort on their part with our digital insurance agent.

Primary users

Tech Workers
Ages 25-40
Low motivation to address their financial future (procrastination or perceiving it as a complex task that requires significant mental effort).
Understand the importance of addressing their pension early in life, but not sure where and how to begin.

User interviews

"I did have the intention of addressing this, and it's actually marked in my calendar, but.."

Conducting multiple interviews with potential users helped us get to the core of the problem and dive deeper into the main pain point as our users see it and feel it. Finance is a major stress inducer and our solution may also address this side and reduce some of the mental load this topic has around it for many people. Below are key insights we gained from those interviews.

Users are unsure where to begin addressing their pension and confused about which company offers the best plans. Conducting a competitive market analysis is time and energy consuming.

Users often lack the time and energy to monitor their monthly pension deposits. They typically rely on their employer to ensure the deposits are made.

Users often feel that their pension money won't serve them in retirement, perceiving it as not 'real' money or something that truly belongs to them.

Our Solution

A customer facing financial service for inspecting and monitoring an individual and/or family's retirement savings.

A digital pension agent always at your service
Receive a monthly pension report
Useful tools to optimize your future finance


A simple, local, logo.

Reflecting the value proposition of financial security through solid brand colors

On-brand icons to accompany valuable content

Primary Features

The "FOMO" calculator

A simple tool available for users to assess potential gains had they been on a personalized pension plan offered by Mukdam.

See how much you've lost

Users can review insights from the past 5 years, comparing with users who share a similar profile. They can observe the potential financial gains they might have 'lost' by not joining Mukdam's pension plan earlier

Monthly report

When users join Mukdam, they will receive a monthly pension report on WhatsApp, showing the successful deposit of their pension funds and indicating the total amount

Final Thoughts

Much more to offer to our users

Mukdam, an innovative startup, aims to tackle the prevalent issue many individuals face today— the knowledge gap in their retirement plans. With hundreds of initial users optimizing their future, Mukdam is making significant strides. The company remains committed to constant innovation and evolution, placing great emphasis on user feedback to continually enhance the value it provides to current and future users.