Bridgewise is a technological research company that utilizes proprietary AI-based analysis and language model to provide comprehensive insights into global stocks in all languages

What I've created

Campaign style guide
Design assets
Social media ads
Landing page
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Linkedin Campaign

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My Role

Ideation, design

Project Goals

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) considerations are increasingly important in the investment landscape. Recognizing the growing significance of ESG factors in investment decisions, Bridgewise undertook a project to develop a unique AI-powered plugin for investors. The primary goal was to empower investors with valuable insights into ESG issues, enabling them to make more informed and socially responsible investment decisions.

Simultaneously, the project aimed to generate leads for Bridgewise, fostering a community of investors interested in the innovative ESG plugin. As part of the initiative, we strategically designed a launch campaign incorporating social media ads and a landing page with multiple versions for A/B testing. This comprehensive campaign not only introduced the new feature but also sought to attract potential investors, driving engagement and interest in the broader investment community.

Screenshot from Bridgewise's ESG feature

Campaign Style Guide

Establishing the visual identity for the campaign by introducing additional color choices, while maintaining alignment with the brand's palette

Creating a new set of icons to effectively communicate clear messages

Timeless circular elements designed for continuous use in the campaign, enhancing the product's distinct visual identity

Product illustrations and mock-ups to vividly convey the core value, capturing attention with an engaging and visually compelling presentation

The Campaign

Linkedin Ads

Landing page done using Webflow, to introduce the product and collect leads

NASDAQ Billboard at Times Square ad design